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what makes a good person? Hmmmm…

Isn’t it funny how you get a feeling for people? Whilst recently watching celebrity big brother housemates entering the house, I found myself dong a mental checklist of who I’d like and who I wouldn’t .  Ok, fair enough no one in their right mind likes jedward so maybe they shouldnt’ count.  But I thought I’d really like Sally Barkow, she’s a strong woman with ambitions of being a Labour MP, surely she’s going to be a good role model to all the young women out there? but no, she was a bossy spoilt brat that spent here time whining about how hard it was for her to get into the house. Well honestly love, I wouldn’t have bothered.

On the other hand, I did think I’d really dislike Darryn  Lyons (well apart from his hair which is of course awesome!).  Mr paparazzi himself, some one who stalks people for photos, so they can sell them and make ridiculous amounts of money has got to be arrogant, selfish and heartless right?  In fact, he’s the one that missed outon treats  himself so the group could pass the task , he’s the one that pulled up jedward for their behaviour towards Amy and he’s the one who  is being upfront and remaining true to what he thinks. So I stand corrected on both counts.

So what is it that makes people appeal to us? why do we have the friends we do? for me I respect people who stand up for their views, and are unique and happy with themselves.  Anyone can be a sheep or a fashion victim, I’d much prefer the ones who can march to the beat of their own drum.

ahhh those were the days….

So am I getting old or has music gone crap?

I have been pondering this question for a while now but what really brought it home to me was after flicking through Classic rock magazine. I came upon an article about remastering of The Dog’s D’Amour album “In the dynamite jet saloon” to coincide with the bands 25 year anniversary. It occurred to me that I own the original vinyl of said album.  wow 25 years I must be getting old I thought. Carrying on through the mag I saw ads for various re-releases  including Guns ‘N’ Roses and Metalicca.  Each time labelling the music as  “classic” or “vintage” or even “the legendary album”! So OK I admit 25 years is a  long time ago and of course music changes but what’s happened to all the good individual bands like these were back in the day?  Way back in the late 80’s when the Dogs came on the scene, the music lovers of the time were so much more open-minded. It was fine for boys to back comb their hair  and wear lots of eye liner like Michael Monroe from Hanoi Rocks. Likewise, girls could go out on a Friday night in scruffy jeans and a Motorhead t-shirt and no-one would bat an eyelid.  So when did it all become so manufactured and fashion-obsessed? Surely it can’t all be down to Simon Cowell? the days of real musicians in the charts playing real instruments and wearing what they want seem long gone. Instead the wannabe’s of tomorrow think you get somewhere by going on X Factor regardless weather you can sing/play or not. Do we really need to be fed on highly-polished drivel from a bunch of lads in matching outfits, all of which are mushy love songs with no really meaning? Credit us with some intellegence please!!

Thankfully we still have some of the old guys around. Queen still re-inventing themselves via the We will Rock You musical, Alice Cooper who still can’t be beat as far as live shows go, Bob Dylan to keep us morally in line and of course not fargetting Bob Catley and Tony Clarkin of Magnum, who must be ready for their telegraphs from the queen soon, but hell can they still kick ass when it comes to playing good old fashioned rock music.

So here’s to all the boys and girls who cut their musical teeth on Iron Maiden,  the ones who listen to Poison whilest back combing their hair and wearing as many bracelets as it is possible until you reach your elbow, to the head bangers of the past and the ones who secretly play air guitar to Jimi Hendrix, In time honoured tradition I solute you, can of red stripe firmly gripped in one hand, and the other clenched into a fist punching the sky! In the words of Poison’s Bret Michaels on “Nothing but a good time”   HERE’S TO YA!!

hello, we meet again….

ok so its been nearly a year since I last had something to say but now I’m back. Please feel free to jump in with any comments.

Just one other thing to say, Punknut mate hope you’re doing ok. Miss ya dude!

Julie 🙂


Listen and take on board the lyrics – its imprtant!!!


So here’s the story. Another world cup, hopes are high, patriotism is running deep. The English are proud to be english again! No mention of Scotland, United Kingdom, Great Britain, Wales or Ireland whatsoever. Everyone is English and has a flag up on their house to prove it. then what happens….. GERMANY!!! World Cup dreams are over and the team is on its way home after one hell of a crap match!

However, in the meantime, plodding on is Andy Murray. Wimbledon seems to have been overlooked and Murray is doing rather nicely in the first week.  So suddenly, realising that England’s  world cup bid is over, we all decide we are now British and claim Murray as our own! No pressure there then hey Andy?

Ok, this may seem like i’m making light of it, but lets put it in more serious terms. We are supposed to be a kingdom united. But it would seem that’s only when it suits us. However, this is of major importance if you look at issues like the NHS. From hospital car parking to the availability of certain prescription drugs on the NHS, each of our “united” countries has its onw rules.  Isn’t it therefore time we sorted this out once and for all.  From cancer drugs to fertility treatment, it is a postcode lottery based on where you live! I’m mean c’mon, lets get our act together.

On this one I’ve got to hand it to the USA. For all America’s flaws, and yes there are many, the one thing they have got right in the States is patriotism.  They are American and proud of it! From the role of the armed forces to the native americans, to their fight for independence, the USA is proud of its heritage and its country.  I’m mean, when the USA got eliminated from the World cup, they didn’t extend their border to include Mexico, Argentine and Brazil did they?  So why do us English do that? What a wierd country we live in!

Be proud of being British all year round, not just at Wimbledon time!

As always, this is just my opinion, take it or leave it…….